About us


“The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams and memories.”

So many things in the world come in threes. Basic colors, dimensions of space, particles of an atom. Even water, the very source of life, comes in three shapes. Similarly or strangely enough, it also took three to form Summer Yacht Charters. And a piece of good fortune for the three to meet. But what a trio they are!

Dimitrije Pešić – a genuine businessman

Skimming this guy’s resume will make many people feel they have led a boring life.

Dimitrije is a driving power. A born manager with a killer’s instinct, infallible gut and steadfast determination to improve everything he touches.  And touch he did. Many companies and businesses all the way from South Africa to Europe are a testimony of his proactive input. He managed property development groups, international franchises, hotel and coffee store chains. This implied not only proper formal education in the sphere of management, but also a deep understanding of finance, human potential, and ever-shifting trends in the market. And it was all a walk in the park for him. Always knowledgeable, swift and straight on the point. Are you getting the picture?

Now, imagine what happens when such a person falls in love with a pair of sails. He becomes an IYT certified sailing instructor and teams up with the wunderkind below to open a sailing school. He masters and improves because that is what he does. All the revenue growth strategies, global business operation skills and sales and marketing strategies are now in the service of wind, with the aim for as many people in the world to feel what he has felt – the ultimate liberation of all worldly troubles.

Vladimir Švab – a true creature of the sea

The only thing he lacks are the gills. The fins, we believe, are already there.

Vladimir was brought up on the water and by the water. Sailing since the age of 7, and officially racing since the age of 8, he learned everything there is to know about the sport. He also did everything that was to be done. Not just did. Excelled.

As a young boy, he raced and won medals in state championships. Repeatedly. Year after year. With adulthood came the regattas – Barcelona, Caorle Cup, Fiumanka, Heineken, Les Voiles de Saint Barth, Rolex Cups and more. As a member of national and international teams, he sailed them all, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. Never tired, never doubtful, always eager for more. Being a true prodigy as he is, Vladimir did not allow any loose ends but tied education and experience in a firm knot. He completed sports high school and college, became an IYT certified sailing instructor, worked as a private skipper on some of the most remarkable cruising yachts and finally co-founded a sailing school. To cut the story short, we are talking about an immense experience densely packed within a man who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean three times because he knew one simple truth about himself – he was lucky enough to catch the wind when he was a child and he will never let it go.

Mirko Jankov – a PhD pirate

A man with a vision. Whose job and purpose is to give vision to others. Literally and metaphorically.

Truth be told, Summer Yacht Charters would not have happened, had there not been for this man. An award-winning doctor with an impeccable career and jaw-dropping academic background. A persistent and persuasive figure with contagious enthusiasm and eagerness for life that stretches beyond reason and horizon.

It seems almost a joke that it would take an ophthalmologist to open the eyes of his future partners and persuade them to embark on this adventure. But fate has its own ways. And a sense of humor, obviously. In any case, it was precisely Mirko, a celebrated refractive surgeon who operated and lectured throughout the world, from Brazil to Switzerland, over Greece and back to Serbia, who first realized that sailing is the ultimate eye-opening experience. It would be such a waste for so many eyes in the world, he thought, not to see the best of it – the misty line between the sky and the sea at daybreak, when heaven and earth become one. He saw it and he knew what had to be done. With laser precision, he dispersed his comfort zone and formed a new life with his family. A life with a view of the horizon.

The idea was born. The three mighty sailors joined their forces. Now all eyes are open. For Summer Yacht Charters – a platform for life-changing experiences.



Summer Yacht Charters enables, frees and transforms.

This technologically advanced platform enables you to book the time of your life in several clicks. You are free to choose the period, the boat and the itinerary. Throughout the year and throughout the world. You are free to decide whether you want to steer the wheel yourself, or you would like to have a skipper. You are free to navigate through route details, boat descriptions and useful professional tips. You are free to make so many beautiful choices, and to do so quickly, easily and safely.

In essence, Summer Yacht Charters is everything any person in the world needs to spread sails and set off on the journey of their life.

And transformation?

Well, the booking experience will transform your conscience. You will see how smoothly things can run when done professionally and with love. The journey you take with us, however, will transform your view of life. To the better and in no time.



Summer Yacht Charters was established as a dream come true. For its founders and for the people who use the platform.

The founders’ idea is to encompass all their experience and skills in one beautiful place with two aims, a selfish and a philanthropic one. The selfish reason is to live off what they all absolutely love doing. The philanthropic reason, on the other hand, is to introduce as many people as possible to sailing. And to do it efficiently, professionally and smoothly. Because true vacation is not spending time not on shore, but rather on water. Once you try, you will know.

Summer Yacht Charters is here to make your first yachting vacation game-changing, and all further ones increasingly more exhilarating, liberating and eye-opening. So,

Discover the world. Rediscover yourself. Do it with Summer Yacht Charters.