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Our Short Story

Dimitrije Pešić

Dimitrije Pešić

Dimitrije is an experienced skipper with a wealth of knowledge and a long history of sailing expertise. His dedication to ensuring smooth and safe voyages is unmatched, making him a trusted leader for your next adventure.

Vladimir Švab

Vladimir Švab

Vladimir, who has been passionate about sailing since a young age, brings a deep wealth of sailing experience and maritime expertise to our team. His commitment to delivering exceptional charter experiences ensures that your journey will be memorable and enjoyable.

Mirko Jankov – a PhD pirate

Mirko Jankov – a PhD pirate

A man with a vision. Whose job and purpose is to give vision to others. Literally and metaphorically.

An award-winning doctor with an impeccable career and jaw-dropping academic background. A persistent and persuasive figure with contagious enthusiasm and eagerness for life that stretches beyond reason and horizon.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Bosko KecinaBosko Kecina
09:53 06 Nov 23
elisa legaelisa lega
07:15 03 Nov 23
Dimitri thanks for your incredible help in organizing our trip! You have been extremely patient with us (first time sailing) and always available to answer our queries.Excellent service, very recommended.
Gorica BozicGorica Bozic
11:01 19 Sep 23
It was incredible experience! Can't wait next year to go again :)Our skipper Dimitrije was great, he made our trip to be unforgetable!
Vanja AndricVanja Andric
08:48 19 Sep 23
Fantastic sailing with an even better skipper.For every recommendation
Ana AndrićAna Andrić
08:41 19 Sep 23
zarko kojiczarko kojic
08:27 19 Sep 23
Everything was perfect.The boat is exactly as in the description, the captain was perfect, with his knowledge and knowledge of sailing and beautiful places, he made our vacation even more beautiful...For each recommendation
Marina CrnjanskiMarina Crnjanski
08:24 19 Sep 23
14:33 26 May 23
I am very satisfied!
Aleksandra TotAleksandra Tot
09:32 26 May 23
Perfect experience! Veru professional, I really enjoyed it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Simone MasiSimone Masi
11:42 24 May 23
I'm Italian and thanks to you I enjoyed my holiday
08:32 24 May 23
Thank you for great service! 🩵
Katarina SukicKatarina Sukic
20:42 18 May 23


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